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Bow Hunting & Activities
Granietkop Game Lodge boast a wealth of activities to experience,
see, do and we endeavour to allow you to have an unforgettable time.

Whether you prefer a horse riding adventure, a cycling trip,
a bow hunting adventure, come discover the wonder
of the African bush

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Bow Hunting

Game Drives

Archery hunting or now-called Bow hunting is one of the oldest and most common hunting techniques and it has become very popular with hunters throughout the world. Here at Granietkop you can experience the thrill of walk-and-stalk hunting……….Be prepared for a fair chase hunt!!

Because bow hunters need to be much closer to their target than a rifle hunter, we also have available “hides” situated on water holes and feeding spots, including tree stands, pop-up blinds,

a well-positioned pit and a big elevated blind which can accommodate at least

three hunters.

Whether you want to be the ultimate hunter by bagging that elusive “trophy” or just

Hunt for a impala, zebra etc for the venison or biltong, this is an experience like none.

We also have available a 3D archery course for those hunters who would like to

brush-up and hone-in on their shooting skills. If you wish not to hunt but would like to

experience the thrill of shooting with a “bow and arrow”, the 3D course is available to

the whole family.

Slaughtering services are

available and there are a taxidermy

service not far away.

We have various game available for hunting - a few mentioned below:

All game drives are included in the cost of your stay with us and conducted by Granietkop’s personal. Come view some of Africa's most majestic game-animals up close in our open safari vehicles.

Our personal strives to create a special experience for every guest and will arrange game driving times to suit your needs. A safari/game drive in is a wonderful way to experience a true African Wildlife holiday.

Cycling and Quad Bike Rides

Cycling and Quad Bike Rides - Set off on an adventure or fantastic experience, driving a quad bike or riding a bicycle on the grounds of Graniekop Game lodge, which will surely rise an irremovable smile as you tackle all terrains on two or four wheels.

Driving a quad bike and cycling on the game farm brings you very close to nature with a chance to spot various wildlife, game and explore the scenery. Each ride is a unique experience. So, If you have a taste for an adventure or simply a love for the outdoors this one is for you.

All rides are unique experiences and are great for the entire family to enjoy!


Red Hartebeest


Blue Wildebeest






Guinea Fowl

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